Point 5: CMS

Point 5 map

If you arrive by bicycle, places will be reserved for you on site.

If you arrive by private bus, dedicated parking will be available at Gex Perdtemps (Gex) and P47 (Palexpo).

If you arrive by car or motorbike, a limited number of parking spaces will be provided, with shuttle services to the various CERN entry points. Consider carpooling.

  • PK.09, Bricorama car park: 222 Chemin de Chenaz, 01170 Ségny, France
  • PK.10, Gex Perdtemps : Salle de Perdtemps, Rue de Paris, 01170 Gex, France

You can reach the site via Open Days bus G.

  • PK.47, Palexpo 47: La Voie-des-Traz, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland
  • PK.48, Palexpo 48: Route du Bois-Brûlé, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland
  • PK.49, Palexpo 49: La Voie-des-Traz, 1209 Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland

You can reach the site via Open Days bus F.

Since the nine visit sites are located over a large area, a free shuttle service will be set up so that you can navigate between the sites.

From this point you can go to:

  • Point 6 LHC with Open Days bus F
  • Point 4 LHC with Open Days bus F or G