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Sponsorship Opportunities


The 2019 CERN Open Days enables companies and organisations to partner with CERN at a high visibility event. 
Sponsoring the Open Days has multiple benefits:

  • You will be associated with CERN and its prestigious reputation.
  • You will also be engaged in a worthy cause by championing scientific outreach. 
  • Finally, your company name and brand will receive significant exposure to a very large number of people in connection with a positive event about science, learning, innovation, collaboration and peace.

All support received for the 2019 CERN Open Days will be a contribution to the CERN & Society Foundation, and you will be recognised as a valued sponsor.
Sponsorship packages start at CHF10’000 and will provide your brand with significant exposure.  CERN will attract as much attention as possible to the 2019 Open Days and your brand will be prominently showcased, together with CERN, to a local and international audience. 
For further details of the recognition being offered, please review the sponsorship packages [here].
Please contact Hilary Nathan at hilary.nathan@cern.ch with any queries.
We invite you to take this opportunity to Come Explore the Future with Us!